Web Development

Web development involves the use of technology such as SQL Server, Active Server Pages and Microsoft Visual Basic to create an award-winning website. Tofauti Solutions web development helps you create and maintain websites that not only look appealing but also help bring customers to your business. We create web pages that work in top browsers. On the other hand, the websites we build run in a very efficient manner. The websites we create are neat, have an appealing design, good layout and are easy to navigate.

At Tofauti Solutions, we professionally design and develop websites that generate results. Our technical team works with you from idea conception to the actualization of your website. We are one of the most trusted web development firms in Kenya. We apply a holistic approach to client needs. Our approach combines top notch skills acquired over the years.

SEO-Responsive Web Development

When other web developers design websites that are insensitive to search engine optimization needs, we go miles further. Tofauti Solutions does not work just to provide you with a website. There is more to web development than creating a website and deploying it online. We ensure that your website has a structure that is responsive to search engine dynamics.

Engaging the Client at Every Stage

The Tofauti Solutions team understands that most people do not understand how websites work. We go out of our way to make you understand web development. Also, at every stage of development, we keep you posted on the progress made. By engaging our clients at each stage, we can get feedback from them early enough. We are fully aware of the investment you have sunk into your web design project. By indulging you, our experts

Modern Technology

Our web development services take into account modern trends. We are conversant with approaches such as the use of JavaScript, CSS and HTML. We are committed to develop compelling websites made to fit in your line of business. We have an open door policy where we allow you to state your requirements and expectations. Thereafter, we use the latest technology to build websites that will attract customers to your business.

Strong Working Relationship

Once our task is completed, this does not signal the end of our working relationship.  Web development requires constant follow-up. Tofauti Solutions keeps track of every project. We can call on you, or you can call on us. We take pride in knowing that your website is progressing well. In case you are not satisfied, we are always willing to review the design of your website time and again. Let us state here that you, the client, are our driver.

Our web development services include:

  • Designing your website
  • Integrating data
  • Programming
  • Internet advertising and marketing
  • Registration of domain name

Our satisfaction lies in knowing that your business is successful. If you are in need of a website for your commercial activities, feel free to give us a shout. We shall respond within the shortest time possible (we always do).