Security Tips and Hints for your Smart Phone

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Security Tips and Hints for your Smart Phone

Know your phone details

Know and record somewhere the unique identification number (IMEI) of your phone by dialing *#06#. This information will help your service provider to block your phone if stolen. Have an App or service to help track your device if stolen.

Protect your information

Protect your phone and whereabouts from unauthorized access like hackers by turning off your Bluetooth and GPS when not in use. For phones you intend to recycle or give away, ensure you have deleted your information or have reset the phone back to factory settings. When using ‘Free WiFi’ access points, bear in mind that your Internet traffic can be intercepted and your information accessed. To avoid this, only connect to WiFi networks that you trust. Log on to secure websites when doing online transactions; they use ‘https’ in their URLs.

Keep viruses, worms and malwares at bay

Since smartphones are also susceptible to viruses, worms, and malware, avoid opening suspect correspondences. Ignore multimedia messages (MMS), attachments, links in emails and SMS messages; unless trusted or you were expecting them. Have a working and reliable anti-virus installed in your phone; ensure it is up to date at all times. Updates should not only be limited to anti-viruses only but extended to your phone’s OS (operating system) and Apps. These updates are vital as they fix security holes. Ensure the OS updates are from the device manufacturers and Apps updates are from their authorized stores.

Keep your data safe

To prevent data loss in your phone, do regular backups preferably in a separate storage location like a memory card, email or the cloud. Set PINs, patterns and passwords for your phone and have them lock automatically. This measure helps protect your data from being easily accessed if your phone is lost or stolen.